4 Gift Sets NOW available!


I AM SO SORRY!  I've promised to get this site up and running, ready to go, and I've failed miserably!  Its just been one thing after another, from passing around colds to babysitting a 9 month old....I have just kept putting it off!

For those of you waiting for the next promo...I can't set up promo codes with paypal, and so I've been working (and sweating) to try and get a e-cart setup so that I can issue those to you.  It's stressful, so if any of you know how to handle that stuff, please send me an e-mail with any tips you might have!

Many of you are still waiting for flowers to become available....they will be, I promise.  My inventory is low right now, so I'm planning on selling them wholesale to get them cleared out and make room for more. Prices will be around $1.00 ea and for now,  will not be attached to clips.

Gift sets will also be available and updated.  I'm working on a promo code that can be used when purchasing a gift set.

Stay tuned to find out how you can get a special coupon code for 25% off....:)

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