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I have a confession to make.

I'm not crafty....well, not really.  I try...and usually fail pretty miserably.  You may not agree...and some people say that making bows requires crafti-ness.  Nah.  I mean, maybe a little.  Probably the minimal amount that makes up being a girl. 

I won't lie....I strongly admire those crafty people out there, who are just....naturally crafty.  But believe you me, I am NOT crafty.  Especially compared to this person...

Amy is an AMAZING card maker.  Have you ever received a handmade card before?  Hallmark has nothing on a handmade card.  Seriously....I know you're all guilty (including myself) of spending way to much money on a cliche card from Walmart.  Amy over at M-ink has unbeatable prices on her cute, trendy,  completely personalized,  HANDMADE cards.

I'll get off my soap box....for now.  Take a look for yourself (click to enlarge pictures):

Traditional Happy Birthday cards with some attitude....I love the color choices!  

Good point....

 She's got something going with this cupcake theme....

I love the cool color selections of these cards...

Her "just because" section is one-of-a-kind!

This card is SOO me!

 Seriously, can you really get over the creativity?

No more boring office style thank you's!  Your card will definitely stand out!

I love Amy's Holiday selection of cards...Hallmark can't make a snowman that cute!

 I love the wording on this one...wouldn't we all like to get one of these in the mail.  (I might even consider mailing one to myself:)

These are M-ink's selection of M-inis.  These are adorable as they sound, and so customizable.  At $1.50/piece they're great to stock up on and have on hand.  

The options are endless....see her site for more ideas, you won't regret it!  Now head on over to M-ink and tell Amy I sent you!  I'm going to get an order put together myself....

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  1. As much as you deny your "crafti-ness," you can't argue your wit! You're so sweet! Thanks for helping me get the world out there!