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I did it!  Can you believe it?  I hardly can.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed there aren't TOO many kinks in the links.  Haha...I'm a rhymer.

Well, a lot of you know I recently had a birthday....and I'm officially closer to 30 than I am 20!  A sad reality for me, sort of.  I'm SOO not a fan of being the center of attention, therefore Birthday parties are not for me.  Thankfully, the husb understands that, and I enjoyed a low key day out (w/o my little one!).

Unfortunately, since then I've been swamped with one thing after another....and I never got to celebrate with YOU guys.

So, Happy Birthday to me.:)

Enjoy 26% off your WHOLE order.  Yup.

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Creative, I know.

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